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TMS is fast acting, FDA-approved, medication-free and covered by most insurance providers.

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Depression Therapy / OCD

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) – With TMS, there is new hope for people suffering from depression. It is among the most powerful treatments for depression. It has already been FDA-approved for OCD and there are ongoing studies for Alzheimers, Addiction…  Read More

North Charleston TMS

Depressed brains have less electrical activity in certain areas than non-depressed brains. We can use TMS to stimulate underperforming areas of the brain and this helps relieve depression.  Read More

Dr. Fox / Psychiatry & TMS

He has vast experience with TMS dating back to 2009 when he did research with TMS and fMRI. He believes that TMS is underutilized and hopes to increase access to this life-changing treatment.  Read More

“I haven’t experienced this good of a mood since 2009.”


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