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Why Dr. Fox
Practices TMS

TMS is fast acting, FDA-approved, medication-free and covered by most insurance providers.

Dr. Fox practices TMS 

because he thinks it is the greatest treatment in medicine. It works very well. We can see amazing results in many people who suffering from depression who don’t believe they can feel good again. It has virtually no side effects. People do not have to choose between treating their depression or tolerating unwanted side effects. As physicians, we take an oath to “first, do no harm”, and TMS certainly fulfills this promise. And lastly, the treatment is based on good science and sound theory. We are just at the beginning of what TMS can do. With neuronavigation, we will hopefully improve outcomes by choosing individually specific targets for depression. And TMS will be able to treat more than just depression in the future. It has already been FDA approved for OCD and there are ongoing studies for Alzheimers, Addiction, Autism, Anxiety, PTSD, Tinnitus, Stroke, and more.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

With TMS, there is new hope for people suffering from depression. It is among the most powerful treatments for depression. By the time most people consider TMS, they have failed multiple medications or have not been able to tolerate them. They frequently have suffered from depression in varying degrees for most of their adult life and may or may not have had sustained periods of wellness. In this group of individuals, the majority of people who finish a course of TMS have a meaningful improvement and most have a complete resolution of their depression. 

TMS  Center With a Never Give Up Attitude

  • Flowertown TMS
  • A TMS center with a never give up attitude. Fox is a forward-thinking Psychiatrist who does functional research of the brain. We have an internal structure and networks geared to stimulate or inhibit and this makes more sense of how to cure the debilitating illness of depression.
  • Clearly many people accept depression is due to chemical imbalance, but what does that even mean?
  • We do more of functional research on the brain and match with symptoms so people will understand on how the brain is connected and we individualize treatment for them
  • We strive to scan each individual and this is how we cure your illness or your depression—TMS is customizable, more to the point then medication management
  • With TMS you don’t need trial and error, usually you’re a guinea pig with medication, We know how they are for group of people but not an individual.
  • For many people TMS, can bring the exact cure so you don’t even need to do trial and error. We pride ourselves on getting to know our patients

“I haven’t experienced this good of a mood since 2009.”


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