We find that those that know about medical treatments they receive tend to be more comfortable going for procedures than those that know little about it. We encourage our patients and future patients to learn about TMS Therapy and what it is like, how it works, and even how it feels. We want to take some time to address common questions we hear when new patients come to our office in Charleston, SC.

What do I do during the 45-minute treatment? TMS is a noninvasive therapy and requires no anesthesia or sedation. You will be wide awake during your treatment session. Most of our patients play on their phones, watch TV, or listen to music. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to sleep during the treatments.

TMS therapy requires many visits over several months to work fully, so what if I miss a session? Treatments largely depend on a person’s ability to be committed to the entire treatment process. Missing a session or two, for personal reasons or a trip will not affect the overall treatment. Once you begin to miss more, it can cause problems for results in treatment. If you suffer from depression in Charleston, SC, and you are committed to change, we can give you a hand.

How much do treatments cost? Fortunately, for many of our patients, prices are low because treatments are covered by most insurance. The therapy is FDA approved, and so more and more insurances are covering the procedure. You can rely on us for TMS in Charleston SC.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to give our team a call.