Medication and medical treatments are expensive. Even a simple physician checkup or dental cleaning can cost an arm and a leg. So many Americans rely on health insurance to cover the high cost of staying healthy.

Even when covered with gold-level insurance, there are some companies that refuse to pay for new medical treatments. In many cases they will claim that they need more scientific proof that the new treatments work. After the insurance company receives adequate information, they will begin to create and offer payment plans for the procedure.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a newer medical treatment that was designed to help people with depression. The first line of defense against depression is medicine and therapy, but that does not work for everyone. What are those people to do? This is where transcranial magnetic stimulation comes in.

Insurance companies recognize that this new and revolutionary treatment is a lifesaver for those that cannot find relief from medication. Do not be surprised to find out that your insurance covers TMS therapy treatments.

Why are insurance companies beginning to cover this treatment?

There are several reasons insurance companies are more inclined to offer medical coverage policies for TMS. These include:

  1. Approved by the FDA, in 2008, as both safe and effective for treating depression.
  2. Many positive scientific studies and anecdotal evidence show the treatments work for many of the individuals that successfully complete treatment regiments.
  3. No expensive hospital, surgery, or anesthesia bills are associated with the treatment.

If you suffer from depression and medication has not helped, you should give our offices a call. We most likely accept your insurance.

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