When approached with a new medical treatment, it is common for people to be skeptical of the effects and outcomes of that treatment. Individuals need to research procedures and medicines before administering them to the body. When there is overwhelming evidence that a treatment works, it should encourage individuals to go out and seek help.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is commonly referred to as TMS therapy, is a noninvasive form of stimulating the brain to treat depression. Since being approved for the FDA in 2008, the medical procedure has helped many people across the country. Recent studies show that the treatments are working and that side effects are minimal. If you suffer from depression in Charleston SC, you should give us a call today.

Doctor Adam P. Stern, a contributor for Harvard Health Publishing, writes that roughly 50% through 60% of people that do not benefit from depression medication achieved a clinically meaningful response after attending TMS therapy sessions. We offer full TMS services in Charleston, SC. Dr. Stern goes on to say that almost 1/3 of the individuals that complete TMS regiments experience full remission, which means that symptoms go away completely. Lastly, he argues that the length of response can last for more than a year in many cases (each individual responds to treatments differently).

Recent studies are beginning to branch away from depression to see if TMS therapy can be applied to other issues in brain function. Clinical studies are suggesting that TMS Charleston SC can work for OCD, Bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

To find out if transcranial magnetic stimulation is a viable solution, you should not hesitate to reach out to our talented team.