What to Expect with TMS

TMS is fast acting, FDA-approved, medication-free and covered by most insurance providers.

During Your First Treatment

Before treatment begins Dr. Fox identifies the best place to put the magnets on your head and the best dose of magnetic energy for you. Your first appointment typically lasts about 15 minutes.

  • You’ll sit in a comfortable chair, wearing ear plugs, with the magnetic coil placed against your head.
  • When the machine is turned on, you will hear clicking sounds and feel tapping on your forehead.
  • The procedure will last about 5 minutes, and you’ll remain awake and alert. You may feel some scalp discomfort during the treatment and for a short time afterward.

After each treatment

You can return to your normal daily activities after your treatment.


TMS works for 60-70% percentage of people and depression symptoms often improve or go away completely. Symptom relief may take a few weeks of treatment.

“My treatments were under 5 minutes each day and the team was great about getting me in and getting me back out so I could get back to work/life.”


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